Yogi Mind – Bookings and Online Content


During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 many tutors began to deliver classes and courses online.  Pamela contacted me with the idea of taking payment and bookings for her yoga classes which would be delivered via zoom with each class being recorded.  Class members could then not only take the class live but could access the videos afterwards in order to repeat classes.  Working with Pamela, I advised on the best way to host videos and then embed them into the website in pages available only to those who were paid up class members.

Designing the website Yogi Mind was a real pleasure and Pamela had some fantastic images which we used throughout the site.

Pamela’s business adapted to lockdown and again, as we emerged from lockdown, Pamela changed her offering, reverting to face-to-face classes.  She continues to update her own website, following our tuition sessions and is now offering  bookable via her website.

Visit the Yogi Mind website here