World Backup Day 31 March

Hosting, Websites

There is a “day” for everything…or so it seems! And silly as it may sound, if it reminds us to backup our data then #worldbackupday is definitely worth marking. So world backup day reminds us to backup our data, on our laptops, phones, work computers, and tablets.

There are some scary statistics on the world backup day website which might surprise you:

  • 113 mobile phones are lost or stolen EVERY MINUTE
  • 30% of all computers are already infected with MALWARE
  • 21% of people have never made a backup
  • 29% of data loss is caused by accident

Further reading is available on the website for World Backup Day.

And what about your website? How do you backup your website?

….well the good news is…you dont have to. When you host your website with LJ Digital Media, a backup is taken every night and retained for 30 days on a rolling basis. If anything goes wrong, then we have a month’s worth of backups ready to be deployed.

And with hosting available from only £96 per year, we offer very competitive hosting with the personal touch. We are available to answer your questions, make changes to your website, or resolve any issues which may arise. You enjoy excellent security and speeds.

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