Why Your Business Needs to be Online

Who keeps a copy of their yellow pages or similar directory hidden away in a cupboard somewhere?  In the 1980’s when I was first in business advertising in the yellow pages provided a good return on your investment as yellow pages was the “go to” tool for customers.

For a minimal investment you appeared, for a year.  Brilliant!  Then the internet came along and all that changed.

So who does keep a copy of their yellow pages handy?  Not me.  Not when I have the world wide web at my fingertips in the shape of my iPhone.  Advertising is expensive.  Your advert appears for a day in a newspaper or magazine and then what?  It gets recycled.  Used to stand muddy boots on.

A website, however small, regardless of advanced SEO is there.  It provides a permanent point of presence.  It authenticates your business.  Provides a degree of professionalism to your business cards and stationery. It is a world wide window for your business, providing all of the contact details and information your customers need so they can find you.  Come back to you.

You can have pages of images of your products or services, customer testimonials, links to related sites and service, feeds from your facebook page.  The options are limited only by time and imagination.

But your time is limited.  You have a business to run.  That’s where I come in.  For a small investment I can get your business online.  I can keep your site updated and current…

…and it really is cheaper than you think.



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