Website of the Week


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I was initially  commissioned to work on this site two years ago and spent a lot of time working at the centre whilst redeveloping the website for the TCR Hub.  I wanted to fully understand everything the Hub has to offer.

Working at the TCR Hub, discovering activities and events taking place each day, was an absolute pleasure and immersing myself in the day to day activities really helped me to create the online presence I wanted for this wonderful place.

The team at the TCR Hub is a small one but each is dedicated to the wonderful centre and determined that this centre, like its website, is constantly evolving to both  reflect and promote the fantastic diversity of activities.

The site takes bookings.  Blogs are written about events. The site provides a point of contact and a central hub from which the marketing activities can focus.  This is how a website works and shows how a website should be the central cog around which social media and marketing revolves.

Organic Websites

I will soon be working on the website of the TCR Hub again, developing it further in order to reflect the development of the organisation.  Having written guest blogs and when needed some blogs about events that the small team at the TCR Hub simply haven’t had time to write, I am very much looking forward to working on the site again. I know the fantastic work they do at the Hub. 

One mistake to be avoided is to think once your website is developed and completed that is the end of the story.  Websites are organic and a static website will not represent your organisation to it’s full potential. Neither will Google rank a static website higher than an organic, growing one.

Therefore if you want to ensure your website visitors keep coming back, give them interesting, up-to-date content.  Contact Lisa on 07966516270