Thin Website? Read On…

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Your website is your virtual shop window through which the world can view your services and products. 

But why would they?

Your shelves are dull and dark.  Your products are poorly displayed; not well presented. Your best products are still boxed up waiting to be unpacked.  

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Written by Lisa at LJ Digital Media

Have I just described your website?  Is it ‘thin’?

Thin on interesting, informative copy? Thin on great images representative of your great products?  Thin on links to your social media? Thin on the kind of content that takes time?

…the bad news is?

If you want to enjoy higher rankings on Google search results or SERPS, Search Engine Results Pages, you MUST convince Google that your website has the answer to the question being posed by your user’s search query.  

Your website must include meaningful copy containing the expert answers to those vital queries.  It must be ‘thick’ with up-to-date relevant information.  Not thin, dull and dusty.


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