Parish Council & Neighbourhood Plans

Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plans

Communication & Consultation

I can create a website for your parish council and neighbourhood plans.

A website creates the means to create a recorded, controlled two way dialogue.  This can be used for consultations providing a means by which you may engage with a much wider audience.  Comments are held for approval by a moderator creating a safe, two way dialogue but ensuring that your site is not subject to spam or inflammatory comments.


A website provides a system for the management of content.  Documents can be published, organised, displayed in order they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.  They can be collated to provide an historical archive.  The publication of key documents is essential for a transparent council.

Advertise Community Events

A website a shop window for your community to the world.  Community events, businesses, schools and recreational facilities can all benefit from the promotion a website allows.  

A strong community website becomes the focus of a strong community.

Social media feeds can be embedded within your site thus reaching those members of your community who may be hard to engage by traditional methods.

Newsletters can be created from blog content allowing diversification of publication methods. 

Neighbourhood Plan

Increasing numbers of Parish Councils are creating their neighbourhood plan and one of the key requirements of a neighbourhood plan is engagement with the residents of your neighbourhood.  I can create a website for your neighbourhood plan ensuring your plan and its key documents are accessible for all. 

From maps of your parish to images, consultations to presentations a website provides the medium of hosting your neighbourhood plan.

Websites for All

In the same way that businesses need a website to ensure they can be found by their customers, parish councils too need a website, ensuring their work is accessible to all.  Whilst a website will never eliminate the need for paper based minutes and agendas, the huge benefit of a website is the publication of those key documents quickly and easily.

The UK government has provided an online service since 2004 with its Directgov website receiving over 100 million visitors before the services were centralised into the website with all 24 ministerial departments and 28 other organisations being represented.

For all tiers of government, a website provides a "one-stop shop", a central point for 2 way communications and publication of information. 

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