Website Development & Design

A website is an absolute necessity for businesses and organisations; clients and customers expect you to have a website and that website should convey your message with clarity, good design and ease of navigation.

Back in 2014 the number of mobile device users overtook the number of laptop/PC users and figures are now approaching 2,000 million mobile devices accessing the internet yearly.  Your website must be dynamic.  It should adapt to provide the optimum view for every device accessing the site.  

A smart phone user must be able to access your website as easily as a laptop user...or you will lose customers.



Images should display quickly and clearly as should associated text.  Navigation, usually by a site menu should be accessible to laptop and smartphone users alike.

Facebook is the number one app worldwide and your business or organisation can make the most of this free social media, embedding your page or group into you site, in order to maximise communication channels.

Ensuring your business is found on Google and other search engines is key to ensuring your are discovered by your target market. With every website I include:

  • a Google My Business page providing a map and search presence
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, using a range of developers tools to get your domain found
  • a relevant domain name unique to your business
  • a range of multi-media options; photography, video work, graphics to illustrate your site
  • thoughtful, accurate words which convey your message
  • ongoing support

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