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Website Design & Development

Optimised for mobile phones, tablets & iPads.

We include Search Engine Optimisation in every website.

The User Experience lies at the heart of eveything we do. 

Online shops, stores & digital downloads.

Small Organisations

You may rely on volunteers, donations or visitors who need to check your location, contact details and opening hours. A website will help you promote your organisation to a wider audience.

Sell Tickets & Memberships

Your website can include a powerful online calendar. Share events, promote ticket sales and embed associated documents within your calendar.  Members can access exclusive content securely. 

Do you sell products, downloads or your services?

A fully functioning online store which will accept payments by credit & debit cards, BACS, PayPal or Apple & Google Pay costs less than you think…what are you waiting for?

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How to get in touch for a no obligation, friendly chat

Email lisa@ljdigitalmedia.com

Phone 07966516270

Want to know more?

A professional website is the best value for money tool you can use in order to harness digital communications. It allows a two way conversation with those you are trying to reach.

If you know you want a website you have made a great decision.

My name is Lisa and I won't talk "geek speak" but will help you to decide how your online presence will look and work within your budget.

your Website?

It is an expectation that all business and organisations have a website…an online presence. 

If you are thinking about a website, great idea!

It is the single most important thing you can do to promote and  enhance your business online.

Around the central hub of your website, your social media, marketing, communciations and sales can revolve.

TLC required?

The technology regarding website development is constantly improving.

Was your website built more than 3 years ago?

The chances are it will hugely benefit from updating and optimising in order visitors can access it from their smart-phones easily. 

Websites can be optimised for access on tablets and smart-phones and if your site isn’t, visitors will not enjoy the best experience. 

Website Redevelopment?

I often get asked to completely overhaul a website in order to better represent the business or organisation it belongs to.

The Quakers Running Club in Darlington had a functional website but they felt they wanted to redevelop it in order to include an online store, a complete make-over and to make the site more user friendly.

Feedback from members was positive with the ease of being able to renew membership via the online store, being of particular benefit. 

Updating your website

Websites are organic and should be updated, honed and edited in line with the changing requirements or offer of your business or organisation.

A stagnant website is not good for customers and as Google likes new content, a static website will increasingly lose its search engine visibility.

Get in touch if you would like an one-off update or if your require regular maintenance.

Learn more about my maintenance packages by clicking here.

website development

Website Redevelopment

Research shows that websites benefit from a degree of redevelopment work every 3 years. Technology moves fast.  Software is constantly improved. If you think your website might benefit from some updating work, simply get in touch. 

Redevelopment might mean adding some stunning new images, creating new pages and retiring older tired pages.  Or it could mean a completely new theme with colours, layout, images and text renewed.

If your website is more than 3 years old, take a good look and decide if it would benefit from updating.

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