How Old Is Your Website?

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Lifespan of a Website

Many of us think that once we have paid to have a website developed that is the end of it. Job done. I have  carried out some research amongst some of my fellow website developers. It may come as a surprise that the average age of an effective website is recommended  be no older than 2 years 7 months*.  After this time it may need some serious updating and possible structural rebuilding.  I have recently been asked to complete re-builds of several websites which have served their owners well.  But some are now starting to fail. 404 messages being returned by pages inaccessible. Missing images. When a website starts to fail it can cause no end of headaches for all concerned.

*  Orbit Media Studios

As technological advances…

gain pace it is so important that our websites are optimised for viewing on all sorts of devices…from watches to smartphones to tablets and laptops.  Take a look at your site and if you need to zoom in and out to read the text it might be that your site is not optimised for all devices.

Get in touch…

I can take a look at your website and let you know if it is dynamic.  Is it adapting to provide your site visitor with the best experience? Can smartphone users navigate to the really important information as easily as those on a laptop?  I don’t charge for a chat…and providing you don’t live too far away, I am happy to come out and visit you, meet your team and find out what you REALLY want from your website.

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