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Keeping it fresh
Does your website need updating?

Updating Your Website – Why? And how much does it cost?

Reasons to update your website…

Increase Visitor Engagement

Fresh content on your website will encourage visitors to stay longer and interact with your website.

Encourage Repeat Visits

Visitors will come back again and again if your website is informative, interesting and filling a need.

SEO & Being Found on Google

Google loves fresh content!  Updating and adding to your website can really help you to be found on Google.

Updating packages

Updating includes all of the below:

  • Change page content
  • Add fresh new images
  • Add gallery of images
  • Re-structure your website
  • Write blog posts or latest news items
  • Regular updating of documents, policies, meeting agendas and minutes
  • Add products to online stores
  • Publicise events and promotions
  • Add new product variations, ticketed events or chargeable services
  • Add new functionality

2 Hours

£40 monthly

4 Hours

£80 monthly

8 Hours

£160 monthly

12 Hours

£240 monthly

15 Hours

£300 monthly