Top 5 Things Your Website Needs

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#5 Loading Times

Your website should load really quickly! If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, statistics show you may risk losing more than 40% of visitors. Homemade websites often don’t employ image optimisation. We’ve all been there, waiting around for an image heavy site to load.  Make sure your site is speed tested for efficient loading.


#4 Optimisation for Mobile Phones

Since 2015 Google have penalises sites for not being mobile friendly and in 2017 the algorithms actively promote mobile friendly sites over non-mobile friendly sites.  Make sure your site looks good on all devices and ensure you maximise your search engine optimisation.


#3 Clear Navigation

Whatever type of website you have: be it directing multiple types of visitors to different areas and pages; or be it for one type of visitor who wants to explore the whole website in a similar way; your website MUST MUST MUST be easy to navigate.

Having to search for the page you need on a site or being confused by overly complicated navigational menus will put visitors off and increase “bounce” rates.

So make sure your sign-posting is clear and easy to follow.


#2 Social Content

No-one wants to read about ME ME ME! Ensuring your website provides the information regarding the products and services you offer without becoming overly boastful is a balance you must strive to achieve.

There are lots of things you can include which add interest whilst highlighting why you and your business or organisation is the best on offer.  No need to boast.


#1 Be Up-to-Date

It is crucial that your website is up-to-date and current.  Visitors will not tolerate an out of date website. It is unprofessional and gives a poor impression of your business or organisation.

Blogging and creating news items are terrific ways of engaging with your website visitors.

You can administer your site yourself or if you prefer to do what you do and let me look after your website, I have content creation packages available.

Make sure your site receives the tlc it deserves.  Give a good impression and your business will reap the benefits.