Smart OT – Website Redesign For Occupational Therapist Based in Darlington


We were delighted to meet and work with Amanda, an Occupational Therapist who practices in and around Darlington.  Occupational therapy (OT)  helps a child or young person manage or cope with a difficulty or disability and increases independence and function by improving skills or teaching new ways of carrying out a task, such as self-care skills (such as dressing or feeding) play, school and work activities.

Amanda is  dedicated to providing high quality occupational therapy, targeted to the needs of the child or young adult and we wanted to ensure her new website enabled her site visitors to access the information they needed quickly.

Her words, when she first saw the site, “It looks amazing!  Thank you so much. It feels like me when I read it.  You have managed to capture everything I needed, and it is easy to navigate.”

Amanda had been hosting her site with GoDaddy and was paying a lot of money.  Having moved to LJ Digital Media she is now paying £8 per month for webhosting on our Pay as you Go package. Details of all of our hosting accounts are here. If you are not sure which one would be best for you, give us a ring on 07966516270 and we will be happy to advise.

Visit SMART OT here.