Little did we know back in the day that digital formats were just around the corner and would make capturing and sharing video footage of our nearest and dearest so easy.   We all went down to Dixons and spent small fortunes on our Sony Handycams and then spent countless hours capturing video of children, parents and holidays; all of which is now resigned to the backs of cupboards. Relegated to a dusty shelf.  Remember all those wires trailing across the floor from camcorder to VHS machine?  

Enjoy Long Forgotten Memories

I decided a couple of months ago that this was an area I wanted to explore and have spent time buying the kit and perfecting the necessary processes and converting my old family video footage.  

Sharing it with family members has given us all such an enormous amount of pleasure.   No-one in our family was able to watch their old footage, it was gathering dust in old boxes.

Bringing these videos to life again, has seen us re-capture those precious days of baby-hood; my children being now, quite grown.  The joy of long-forgotten memories, re-lived, has given us enormous pleasure.  

Photographs & Slides

How many of us have boxes of precious photographs tucked away gathering dust?  Sharing those images brings such pleasure of happy days spent with loved ones and with email and social media, it is now easy to share long as they are in a digital format.

There lies the problem.  

I can convert your dusty old photographs and slides to a digital format.  You get a USB stick or a downloadable folder stacked full of happy memories.  Share the joy. 

Betty 1943