Multi-Media Content Created

LJ Digital Media Gainford

I provide a range multi-media content which will promote your business or organisation.  Beautiful images, vibrant video or informative podcasts. Crystal clear content for your site. Freely accessible or downloadable.  Include multi-media content in your website and social media feeds and hook your audience. Phone Lisa on 07966516270 and discuss…

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Sites for Organisations – Transparency in Two Clicks

Developing a website for your organisation can promote and advertise its work and presence to a world-wide audience.  Increasingly however it is a legal requirement to publish accounts, minutes and agendas for reasons of transparency and accountability. Many non-profit making organisations including all small local authorities are legally required to…

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Local Business

Promoting local independent businesses is one of my passions.  I have been fortunate to create websites and social media campaigns for several local businesses, the latest being the wonderful Whinfield Farm Nurseries. I first met Andrew and Clare Robertson when my son, Isaac, worked a summer job in the tea…

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