Re-live Your Memories: Video Conversion

Convert videos LJ Digital Media

Little did we know back in the day that digital formats were just around the corner and would make capturing and sharing video footage of our nearest and dearest so easy.   We all went down to Dixons and spent small fortunes on our Sony Handycams and then spent countless…

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Social Media – Your Shop Window to the World

Using social media to get your message across is big business.  There are millions of social media interactions every day.  You simply cannot ignore it.  But if you don’t know the difference between instagram and your elbow, let me help.I will set your organisation up on the major social media…

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Wise Words for Websites

When writing copy for websites we need to choose our words wisely.  Sadly in the world we now live in we are using fewer words whilst relying on alternative media to get across our message. Words are still super important to get your message across.  Words are needed, expected and…

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Multi-Media Content Created

LJ Digital Media Gainford

I provide a range multi-media content which will promote your business or organisation.  Beautiful images, vibrant video or informative podcasts.Crystal clear content for your site.Freely accessible or downloadable.  Include multi-media content in your website and social media feeds and hook your audience.Phone Lisa on 07966516270 and discuss your ideas.

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