IT and Scones

At lj digital media we are fully aware that large sectors of our population do not access the internet, computers or any online communications and social media tools at all.  Ever.  We think this is a terrible tragedy.

At lj digital media we know the reasons which keep people from accessing online tools.

Lack of hardware; out of date software; lack of connectivity; skills gaps; fear.  Nobody likes to look foolish and computers and (some!) computing people have a great gift for making us look foolish.  In any work situation if anything lets you down, it will be the technology.

So…where do scones fit in?

In Autumn 2016 we are beginning to offer sessions to give anyone who feels they want to learn how to use all that the wonderful world wide web has to offer, the necessary basic skills.

So…the scones?  Where do they come in?

These sessions are non-profit making.  There will be a small charge to cover expenses, heating lighting, electricity, tea and …scones.

Sessions will be advertised locally and online, here and on our facebook and instagram feeds.  The cover charge will also help cover the minimal costs of the tutor.

Group size is strictly limited to 8 maximum and allocated on a first come first serve basis.  The cover charge of £4 includes, tea, coffee, biscuits, a 2 hour informal computer lesson and …SCONES!

So phone Lisa on 07966516270 now and have a nice chat to see how we can help you to get online everywhere.

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