Home is Where the Hearth Is!

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Gavin Mallaby is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Passionate about his work, developing a website for him and his wife who together run Hearth & Soul Ltd, was an absolute pleasure.

Visiting his shop and showroom in Catchgate, Durham exposed me to the delights of over 20 working real fires, stoves and fireplaces. A beautifully restored showroom which warmed me perfectly on a cold December morning. All of those log burners lit, glowing and casting heat and warmth around, made me wonder if I could fit another one into my own home (I have 2 already!)

I was introduced to Gavin by my sister, who having a contemporary home, had a thoroughly modern matching stove fitted.  And it is perfect. She loves it. Her kids love it. Her dogs love it. As me and my family have loved our own stoves over the years. Many a Christmas morning has been perfected by the heat and glow , provided by our log burner.

If you are thinking of heating your own home in a sustainable way I would absolutely recommend you talk to Gavin. He is the expert. I cannot recommend him enough.