Get Your Website Found On Google

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How can I stand out from the crowd?

The purpose of having a website is to spread your message, making sure as many people as possible can find your website, your business or organisation and convert this audience into new customers. Being able to get your website found on Google requires the right tools and the knowledge to use them.

Using the tools of social media will help but how do you make sure your website is being found by the people who are searching?

SEO….Search Engine Optimisation, making sure your website pages, posts and products are optimised for people searching Google.

People who already know your business will search by name…but those who are looking for the product you offer or the service you  provide will search using those terms…eg. firewood Bishop Auckland, pub Barnard Castle….how do you ensure that your website is ranking for those terms?

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Top tips to get your website found on Google

There are specific areas of things your webdesigner can do to make sure your website is found …including:

  • Technical SEO…making sure your website loads quickly, has a sitemap, is secure and returns no “page not found” 404 error …just a few examples of technical SEO steps.
  • On Page…ensuring each page and the images contained are optimised for search engines.
  • Local Optimisation….making sure that your geographical location is recognised by Google….vital when searching for service based websites of businesses.
  • Off Page or Off Site SEO…links and their importance to your website.

Give your business the very best chance of standing out from the crowd. Get your website found on Google using the range of tools available. Get in touch if you need any assistance or advice.