Fountain Chambers Middlesbrough and Newcastle

Portfolio, Websites

Work on the redevelopment of the website for Fountain Chambers started back in 2019 and was interrupted by lockdown in 2020. After this forced interruption it was great to be able to get this website completed and launched in May 2021.

Clarity of  Design

I wanted to design a website which presented the information seamlessly and it was crucial to ensure that each Barrsiter was linked to their relevant practice areas. It was a requirement that the historic case posts original date of publication were retained.

Amendments to Launch

Working with the Head of Chambers, Collette Price we managed to work through the amendments and launch this site in early May 2021.

Logo Redesign

One of the issues faced was the logo required a higher resolution version creating as the only one available was low resolution.  With colours matched to the newly recreated logo the website was designed using images taken by us of local landmarks.