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Lifelong Learning

At LJ Digital Media we create bespoke learning plans for all users from KS1 to senior citizens. Whatever your desired outcome: from being able to manage files and folders; word processing; sharing digital photographs; creating websites and social media feeds of your own; managing finances and purchases online; we can create a detailed learning plan and deliver it to you.

I am happy to deliver bespoke courses and have recently written and delivered “Getting Back to Work” which gently took people who wished to upskill ready for the digital work place. Sessions included, “Email at Work”, “Creating & Updating Your CV”, “Managing Files & Folders”, “Staying Safe Online” and “Basic Social Media Skills”.

Schools & Colleges

We can set up and manage your school website, twitter feed and facebook page maximising communications with parents, students and staff.  Whatever your requirements we provide solutions.

Make sure you let parents and governors know the amazing things happening in your classrooms every day.  We can create regular school newsletters featuring events in your school.  Feedback from governors has been fantastic.

Help improve literacy among students with blogs.  At ljdigitalmedia we work with staff and students to create the communication tool of the digital age.

I have many years experience of developing and managing schools digital communication tools including Virtual Learning Environments, Real Time Reporting, Management Informations Systems and school websites.