When is a Website not a Website?


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I speak with small business owners often and am sometimes told that they don’t need a website as they have a facebook website.  What they have is a facebook page; a very important tool when it comes to digital marketing, but a facebook page is no substitute for a website.

And the thing is, facebook doesn’t provide websites.

Every organisation should take advantage of the fantastic free marketing tools provided by the various social media feeds.  Facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter can help us to spread the word.

You might have an all singing facebook page with thousands of followers but upon checking the statistics do not be surprised to see that the number of facebook users decline with the over 45 age group.  If you are targeting an over 45 age group, limiting yourself to facebook is going to see you missing out.

Missing out on potentially millions of customers.

Only people with a facebook account have any chance of accessing your page.  So don’t be fooled into thinking a facebook page is all it takes. It really isn’t.

A website should be the central hub of your marketing and communications.  It must be easy to navigate on any device.  The relevant information should be at the visitors fingertips quickly.  It, of course, must be up-to-date, informative and if you are selling your products online, they must be easy to search for and checkout must be secure and seamless.

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