How Old Is Your Website?

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Many of us think that once we have paid to have a website developed that is the end of it. Job done. I have  carried out some research amongst some of my fellow website developers. It may come as a surprise that the average age of an effective website is…

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When is a Website not a Website?

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I speak with small business owners often and am sometimes told that they don’t need a website as they have a facebook website.  What they have is a facebook page; a very important tool when it comes to digital marketing, but a facebook page is no substitute for a website.…

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Website of the Week

website of the week

I was initially  commissioned to work on this site two years ago and spent a lot of time working at the centre whilst redeveloping the website for the TCR Hub.  I wanted to fully understand everything the Hub has to offer. Working at the TCR Hub, discovering activities and events…

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Thin Website? Read On…

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Your website is your virtual shop window through which the world can view your services and products.  But why would they? Your shelves are dull and dark.  Your products are poorly displayed; not well presented. Your best products are still boxed up waiting to be unpacked.  

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